gway throws: artwork portfolio

A note about the art:

At GWAY Throws, we believe that art is more than just visuals; it's a powerful expression of creativity and individuality. Memorable art adds soul to our designs, giving our yoyos a unique personality that sets them apart. We know that when you throw one of our yoyos, you're not just performing tricks; you're wielding a creative tool that inspires you to push boundaries and defy expectations.




GEEDORAH is one of the fiercest Kaiju in existence known for the terror he inflicts on his rivals. The three headed dragon with telekinetic powers rules over his territory with unflinching authority. He didn’t come to compromise, his mission is clear to conquer and command his new loyal subjects; King GEEDORAH is here to stay.


Over the centuries many people have sought out the mysterious Djinn rumored to grant wishes. Power, wealth, fame; If you could wish for anything, what would it be? The temptation to see all your fantasies come true can make people do unspeakable things. For all but a rare few, the dreams quickly fade into something else entirely as the journey often meets a dead end. We have taken the risk so you don’t have to; our visions have become a reality and the IXION is ready to join your collection.


Ozolith coin series